Jim Fenton

Trained in wildlife and fisheries biology, Jim has been a nature photographer for more than  10 years and works with Nikon Equipment. 

He was a Goldenrod Foundation Artist in Residence from 2007 to 2009. At this tenure, Jim explored  the annual cycle of seasonal residents, breeding and nesting species, and long distance migrants. His keen and patient eye captured his subjects in the at of foraging, breeding, raising young, protecting territory and resting for their marathon migratory flights. The images he took were the highlights of an exhibit that featured the birds of Plymouth Beach.

Jim has been highly awarded in local, regional and national Photographic Society of America affiliated competitions.

The images he created have appeared in numerous publications including the Massachusetts and National Audubon Societies, the US Fish and Wildlife and numerous magazines.

Recently relocated to North Carolina, Jim, along with his other half, Risa, is looking forward to exploring the many natural wonders that the region has to offer such as the beauty of the Inner Banks and East Coastal Carolina, the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway and the vibrant life that the Triangle Area has to offer.    


" I receive joy each time I view a work of art from Jim Fenton. I highly recommend owning his works of art. These latest pieces are very emotionally moving."

"His art is imaginative, creative, and moving."

Risa Danan

Although she has been creative all her life, Risa did not pickup photography until she met Jim in 2018. Under his mentorship, she embraced his tenets of becoming one with his subjects and to feel instead of focusing on the technical aspects. With these, she began to see the world differently and now uses her camera to capture her new found appreciation of the beauty around her.

Her first crop of images showed the influence from Jim's work. Her style then evolved to capture what she sees: angles in nature, urban streets and surrounding architecture; fleeting human emotions that often tell untold stories. She readily admits that she still has a long way to go to get to Jim's stature and relishes the journey to get there. To see more of her work and what she's up to next, visit her Instagram @I1dr_ris or FB profile. Feel free to ping her if you're  thinking of picking that camera but hesitating.

"It's fascinating to see her shoot the same subject that I wouldn't thought of… like getting in the middle of the crowd and shoot from there as they go around her." -Jim Fenton at the 2020 Women's March, DC

Some Of Her Work

Outerbanks Oct Morn
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