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Self taught. I don't always shoot conventionally. I don't adhere to the rules. People ask me how I capture things the way I do. I try to explain that I become one with my subjects, be they wildlife or landscapes, scenes or whatever it is that I am shooting. I feel them. I breathe with them.  I hope that my images convey what my eyes saw and what my soul felt, and that I sucessfully convey that to my viewers. If you feel something when you look at my images, then I have been successful.

Feel free to explore the different galleries and  drop us a line to share your thoughts.


If you have any questions on the images, printing options, or wish for a customized presentation (e.g., gallery wrap, download file for media usage, other sizes), please contact Jim Fenton directly.  Please note that there is a 2 day hold on your order to allow us to optimize the image file if needed before it is printed.

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